Thứ Sáu, 5 tháng 2, 2010

Điểm tin 04/02/10

Memory. Obama budget backs basic science. Is there Anybody in There? Brain scan allows unconscious patient to communicate. Animal Consciousness. Back to books: Researchers should be recognized for writing books to convey and develop science. Q&A: Peter Atkins on writing textbooks: What is the purpose of a textbook? To inspire a mode of thought. Ideally, a book then becomes a companion for life... In an e-book, you're out in a forest and don't know where the edge is, or even if there is an edge. The strangest liquid: Why water is so weird: nước là thứ chất lỏng kì cục nhất quả đất. From Kid Nation to Caste Nation. Vietnam Seeks Aid For Climate Change. Social forum ends with vows to fight capitalism.